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Jozef Berk is performing and recording artist, percussionist, educator and music accompanist resides in London. Prior to moving to UK Jozef was gaining years of experience with a wide range of artists and ensembles, playing world percussion in Slovakia. Jozef landed his first international tour in 2006. This paved the way for him to continue on his musical path and moved to London.

Since arriving in London, Jozef has burst on to the music scene, performing, recording and composing with many groups and artists across a wide range of genres – from Latin, Jazz, funk , to Soul, Hip hop, Pop, Afrobeat, and Gospel.

Stylistically, playing with different bands around London and the world has lead Jozef to develop his own sound and voice as a musician, incorporating eclectic modern sounds with traditional Afro-Cuban and Latin music.

Jozef’s visits to Cuba gave him opportunity playing and studying with members of Afro-Cuba de Matanzas, Munequitos de Matanzas, Havana C. and Korimakao: Conjuncto Artistico comunitario to acquire more knowledge of traditional and popular Afro-Cuban styles of music and understand better the musical cultures and history.

Being an eclectic and creative musician, Jozef is also music accompanist at some of the British and world-leading dance conservatories and companies including London Contemporary Dance School, Rambert Dance Company and Mathews Born Swan Lake ( multiple Broadway and award winner ) .

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